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Whether you have had a website or online system built by us, or are looking for a company to take care any hosting worries from you, we are the right company for your hosting requirements. Let’s first talk about what hosting it as what it offers. Hosting basically allows your website to be accessible on the internet. Your website, its files and databases are stored on our servers. When people visit your domain name, the information is then served to the user’s web browser. That’s hosting in a nutshell.

Website hosting isn’t the only feature that comes with our packages. Email management, statistics and database storage are also part of our plans. Even if you want to use an external provider for your emails, that’s no problem. We give the complete freedom of choice to whatever suits you best.

Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is where your site is hosted on a server but you share the resources amongst other customers. This solution is ideal for small Content Managed Sites and most e-commerce.

Our shared hosting is designed for our customers or people who don’t want to get involved in the technical aspects and want us to take care of their hosting for them.

As mentioned above, all our hosting comes with e-mail POP inboxes, auto responders and a large array of other features. We have three main hosting packages available to customers, each tailored for a different level of customer depending on storage, bandwidth and processing required.

Dedicated Servers

Dedicated Servers mean that unlike Shared Hosting Solutions, you do not share server resources with anybody else. Every process, bandwidth or storage is one hundred per cent yours to use. This means you get the full power of the server.

We offer a number of different levels of Dedicated Server to low power ones to superfast storage and 8 core processor solutions. Depending on your requirements the costs varies but talk to us and we can recommend the best solution for you.

Cloud Hosting

One of the big buzzwords you’ll not doubt have heard is “Cloud”. In the days of iPhones and the rather suitably named “iCloud” from Apple, many people will have heard this term but will not necessarily know what it means.

Cloud hosting is essentially multiple dedicated servers linked together to create one big powerful network of servers. They are tied together in such a way that if one has a technical failure the hosting solution can still run.

One of the biggest benefits of cloud solutions it that they have the ability to scale up power and resources at the touch of a button. Imagine you are running a large campaign on TV, due to the exposure regular hosting would just not be able to cope with that sudden influx of demand. However, using Cloud technology you could easily accommodate the visits your site will be getting. Then once that surge has calmed down, you can simply scale the power back down. The pricing model for cloud differs slightly from regular hosting or dedicated servers. Due to the ability to scale, in most cases you will pay for the power, bandwidth and processing you use on a as required basis rather than a monthly fee.

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