Search Engine Optimisation

Getting more people to find your business on search engines

Your site ranking highly on search engines is what SEO is all about. It is usually the most cost-effective way of getting more people to visit your site, but results can take time. We go beyond looking at keywords, and look at where the unique opportunities for your business lie based on your customers, market, location and more.

SEO First Aid

  • Install Google Analytics and Search Console if they’re not already present.
  • Review your site’s current performance.
  • Identity the top 10 opportunities you have to improve ranking on search engines.
  • Implement cross-site changes to tagging and content to improve rankings in those 10 areas.
  • Report on rankings changes after four weeks.

Local SEO

If you operate a branch based business and want people to find when they search, we can help here too.
  • Google My Business Listings
  • Branch information pages with photos, embedded maps and contact details added to your website.

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