Social Media for Business

Get the word out

Lozik Media can harness the power of Social Media to promote your business to a targeted audience.

Social Media Set-Up

Everything you need to get you up and running and talking about your business on social media…
  • Set up Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts with bespoke imagery and copy.
  • Ensure your company information is listed correctly.
  • Produce your first months’ worth of social media updates for you, include imagery.
  • Supply our ‘Business Introduction to Social Media’ on PDF.

Local SEO

Updating your social media channels with fresh, engaging, beautifully designed updates…
  • Write, design and post your social media posts for your business.
  • We’ll tailor a range of social posts for your business to help you find and engage with your audience.
  • Typically we’d produce 3 updates a week to run across your choice of social media products/channels.

Reach a wider audience on social media with advertising…

Produce a variety of adverts based on the profile of the audience you want to reach and your objective – more social followers, more site visitors etc.
We create the adverts for you. Set them up on the social platform of your choice. Target them at the correct audience for your business, and report back to you on a weekly basis on the advert performance. The budget you wish to spend will obviously determine how large an audience you can reach and for how long, but we typically recommend a four-week period to get an initial understanding of what can be achieved. It’s understandable to not risk too much precious budget when starting this process, but typical costs might be:
  • £500 a month – £400 on the costs of the adverts plus £100 ad creation and management budget.
  • £1000 a month – £825 on the costs of the adverts plus £175 ad creation and management budget

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