It’s usually the final interaction of your customer with your website. That experience can determine whether the customer will return or not. It is an awesome responsibility for the company that provides payment solutions to make it work.

If experience counts for anything at all, then the executive team has it in spades. With a combined experience in Internet payments of over 50 years, the four person executive team behind Lozik Media Services has seen the Internet bubble grow and burst and grow into something sustainable. But it’s not about only experience. It’s about expertise and fresh ideas.

Lozik Media is about bringing those ideas to fruition, and using expertise to implement and manage solutions. All of the senior management have run credit card processors. All have been at the top of successful e-money issuers – a tightly regulated but still innovative industry. Above all, we believe in bringing the power of the payment button to the online merchant.

Now online payments can just as soon be initiated in the street as from behind a desk. The challenge is to make payment secure wherever it happens.